6 Ways You Can Use An Air Compressor In Your Garden

For the most part, many people will appreciate the importance of air compressors as general tools that aid in the execution of a wide variety of DIY projects. As the vast majority of people adept in performing DIY projects will attest to, air compressors are some of the most versatile machines that you can have in your home. Case in point, air compressors are used to reduce the workload of a painting project by providing a faster spraying option. They are also used to drive a variety of machines such as pneumatic nail guns.

Nonetheless, many people do not realize how helpful an air compressor can be in performing garden tasks. Sure, many people with gardens in their backyards will figure out that using an air compressor to drive their pneumatic nails guns will aid in the construction of the shades, stands and other bits of the garden. However, air compressors do more than just helping with the initial construction of the garden. These machines can help you run the garden. Herein, we will explore a wide variety of tasks that air compressors can help you perform with incredible ease and safety.

Cleaning Equipment And Products

Air compressors can be used for cleaning purposes, where water is aerosolized to improve its cleaning efficiency. In this regard, the aerosolized water can be used to clean the gardening tools after using them, cleaning produce after harvesting (root vegetable such as carrot come to mind), as well as cleaning the produce processing areas.

Weeding Using chemicals in the garden/orchard: gardener applying an insecticide/a fertilizer to his fruit shrubs, using a sprayer

An innovative and non-chemical means of controlling weeds that has emerged in recent times is to force natural powders using an air compressor to strip the weeds away, and thus kill them. Some of the powders that can be used include ground up walnut shells, fruit pits, apricot pits, or other natural products.

Spraying Crops

Closely related to the above ingenious method of weed control is the traditional pesticide and herbicide spraying method. Air compressors can be used to aerosolize the liquid chemicals, thus ensuring that you spray the least amount of chemical as possible on your plants. Doing so increases the efficiency of the chemicals while at the same time reducing the amount chemicals you use.

Inflating Wheels

Many homeowners will have a lawn mower to mow the grass sections of the garden, or a wheelbarrow with a flat tyre. Air compressor can be used to inflate the wheels of this machinery whenever it is needed.

Running Oxygenators In Aquaculture Systems

Gardeners who engage in aquaculture have to supply their fish with fresh supplies of air. Air compressors can be used as oxygenators where they are used to bubble gasses into the water, thus ensuring a constant supply of clean air for the fish to thrive.

Powering Water Pumps

For many gardeners, water efficiency in planting garden is very important, especially when considering the increasing cost of water. Therefore, many gardeners are opting to collect rainwater for their gardens, which more often than not, is stored in underground storage tanks. You can use air compressors that have a water pump head to get the water on ground level. A good example of such pumps is the Bumby pump, which works with the vast majority of air compressors.

The uses of air compressors are not limited to these uses in a garden setting. There are numerous other uses air compressors that gardeners can take advantage of. Either way, you just have to invest in or even just hire a compressor for a day to explore the possibilities.