How to use weed killer spray

How to Best Use Weed Killer Spray

Everyone who loves gardening must be aware of the importance of using weed killers. There are different kinds of weeds that can be dangerous for the development and health of plants in your backyard. They are a hurdle in the space, required amount of sunlight and nutrients that are essential for the growth of other desirable plants. They can also inhibit the yield production of your favorite plants in the garden. They have the tendency to grow really fast, which is why they need to be controlled in time.

The chemical industry is continually introducing new garden products. They regularly remove old products due to environmental regulations. There are various brands and companies that make weed killers to deal with the problem. They have different concentrations and chemicals that prevent further growth of weed and kill the current weeds in your lawn. They are a cure to the damages caused by unwanted weed plants. There are different ways to use the weed killers like pouring it directly on the plants and spraying them.

Here we are going to discuss the right ways to make the weed spray more effective and long-lasting. The concentrate of the weed killer can be used in a spray bottle, a pump-up tank sprayer or a hose-end sprayer. There are five basic things to keep in mind; that are:

  • Follow the instructions on the packaging
  • Know the target areas
  • Take all precautionary measures
  • Choose the right temperature
  • Store Properly

Every weed killer comes with the mixing instructions. Some weed killers need mixing with water while some need to be blended with vinegar. The instructions mentioned on the packaging are meant to increase the efficiency and productivity of the weed killer. They must be taken seriously to protect your plants from getting damaged. Understand that the brand you choose specifies on the label that it is safe to use on all lawns, or on your grass variety. Some grass lawns are more sensitive than others.

The next important thing is to know the target areas. You cannot spray weed killer all over your lawn, but only on the affected areas. You do not want to damage the healthy plants; because these weed killers are designed to work on the roots, so it must only be sprayed on the affected areas. Otherwise, it can damage the flower beds or in the worst case scenario make the soil barren. If you do not get the desired results you can always repeat the process after a few days.

While dealing with chemicals, one must take all the precautionary measures. Cover your hands with gloves and wear rubber boots so your pants and feet are well protected. You need to be careful while handling all kinds of chemicals and cover your nose especially if you have irritable nasal glands. Use your judgment here to reduce chemical exposure to a minimum. Pets and people must not be allowed on the lawn for at least 3 days after the spray.

Weed killers must be used under preferable temperature and atmosphere. It is always better to choose a bright sunny day rather than a cloudy or rainy day to spray the weed killer. Sun rays help the weed killer to absorb in the roots easily rather than rain that can wash away the spray.

Another thing that can also be taken as a precaution but we have made a separate place for it because it is an important thing to mention. Store your weed killer at a cool and dry place. Keep it out of reach of children; it can be really harmful.

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